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At Bathroom Concepts, we believe that everyone deserves to own a beautiful bathroom design in Adelaide.

No matter what your needs and desires are, or which combination of bathroom accessories in Adelaide you choose, Bathroom Concepts will help you to make the best use of your bathroom space.

Uncompromising Products

Our Adelaide bathroom designers will help create a space you will love, while finding products that don’t compromise on performance and suit you and your home. We will show you how to achieve so much more than just a practical bathroom space.

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At Bathroom Concepts we make sure that thoughtful designs and quality bathroom products and accessories are available at every budget. We ensure function and form come together to create anybody’s ideal bathroom design.

Whether you aspire to have an eco-friendly bathroom design or a luxurious bathroom with all the bells and whistles, with the right bathroom accessories, products and Adelaide designer, your ideal bathroom renovations will come to life in no time!


Our talented bathroom designers will guide you through an extensive selection of contemporary and traditional bathroom products and accessories, offering the perfect blend of innovation and style. We want your new bathroom design to work around you with each fixture and fitting specifically selected for your home and vision.

With such a strong focus on function and form, and with a lot of consideration, our qualified bathroom design team will make sure that your new bathroom is the ultimate retreat. From bathroom products that can save water and conserve energy to playful bathroom accessories for a family bathroom, our design team keep every possible need in mind.

From bathroom tiles or furniture to bathroom accessories and other products, Adelaide Bathroom Concepts has everything for a functional modern or classical bathroom design in Adelaide.