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A home laundry is typically a small space that needs to host a multitude of tasks and functions. So, in order to create a laundry room that is both beautiful AND functional, some careful planning by skilled laundry designers is required.

A Laundry That Makes Sense

Bathroom Concepts will transform even the smallest laundry space in Adelaide, using the latest custom laundry design, storage options and time-saving functions so your laundry makes sense, not a mess.

Function Combined With Elegance

Gone are the days when washing machines and laundry appliances need to be hidden away in the corner of a room. With our help, you can have a laundry renovation in Adelaide designed to serve its purpose while being an elegant feature in your home.

Bathroom Concepts will help you create and design a laundry renovations in Adelaide you will want to spend time in!

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From design to installation, our qualified team are well-known for their efficient workmanship, great service and exceptional results. Every detail is meticulously planned and chosen to reflect exactly what you need in your laundry.

With such a large range of laundry renovations and bespoke options to choose from, we’ll help you to realise that your laundry is a room that can be a pleasant, tranquil place.


Let Bathroom Concepts’ Laundry Design Team guide you through a host of traditional and contemporary design ideas and stunning laundry fixtures. We will show you laundry storage options, hanging spaces, lighting choices, sorting areas, and a whole lot more! Whatever your needs and budget, our respected Adelaide laundry designers will create a laundry renovation that looks as you had imagined while perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Our aim is to add space and value to your home and make ‘doing the laundry’ seem less of a chore. We use smartly designed laundry renovation solutions, high-quality products and the latest techniques to ensure we achieve this as well as creating a laundry that stands the test of time.